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Marlo's Brand Elements
Marlo's Brand Elements
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Chocolate Mars Bark


Whoopie Pies

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Waffle Mix


Chocolate Cupcake Mix


Sugar Roasted Pecans


Alfredo Sauce


What can I say? I'm obsessed with good food.

I've always had a passion for good food. It's my "thing" on a holiday trip. Some people like to sight see or explore, for me, it's to find good food. 
My passion for making good food was confronted after I gave birth to my beautiful (crazy) daughter, Scottie Marlo. For eight long months Scottie, and me for that matter,  screamed. She cried almost constantly. I remember our neighbour, who we didn’t know, knocked on our door to ask if things were okay because our baby had been crying for six straight hours. I bounced around the house, dancing with the song Roses by SAINt JHN (Imanbek remix) playing for hours and hours. I made crazy shushing sounds to try and get her to sleep and tried EVERYTHING. I was stress baking and then stress eating the baking. We’re talking bread, ice cream, cupcakes. It turns out Scottie was born with allergies to gluten, soy, dairy and eggs. Pretty much all the things I was eating. I had practically been poisoning my poor child for EIGHT MONTHS. I was confronted with the choice, either give up on baking or change how it's done. 

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Chocolate Truffles

It's not hard to find gluten free food these days, but it's incredibly hard to find "GOOD" gluten free food that is truly gluten FREE. Foods are always contaminated and exposed to all sorts of gluten without restaurants even thinking about it. Everything about gluten free baking, is a huge challenge. I never want to sacrifice the flavour or texture of my baking despite my limitations. I also couldn’t use egg, soy or dairy. It took time to say the least, but I am confident and happy with the items I offer. My goal for Marlos Bakeshop is to create an inclusive place for people with allergies where their friends and family aren’t absolutely horrified to go to. Lol

Marlos is not just for those with allergies. It’s for everyone. 


The food of course, not the shirts...

Circle Utensils Unisex Shirt


Circle Utensils Baby Onesie


"Let's Bake Baby" Unisex Shirt


Falling Utensils Unisex Shirt


"M" Stamp Baby Onesie



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